REVIEW: X-Men #110

“One Tin Soldier Rides Away…”

Story : Scott Lobdell
Pencils :
Leinel Francis Yu
Inks :
Mark Morales
Colors :
Liquid! Graphics
Letters :
Richard Starkings & Comicraft’s Saida Temofonte!
Assistant Editor :
Pete Franco
Editor :
Mark Powers
Editor in Chief :
Joe Quesada

What Its About: Kitty returns to lay to rest her fallen comrade and to say her good-byes.

Thoughts: Its hard to say to some folks that you get a but misty eyed while you’re reading a comic book. I mean, come on, its a comic book. Kids read these things, how sad could they be?

Imagine you’ve been reading about these characters for the last year. To see Colossus give up his life in order to save those around the world who suffer from the Legacy Virus. You would think that was a very noble and heroic action. You would be right on the mark there, but imagine if you’ve been reading about these characters for ten years… fifteen years… or even twenty years.

Scott Lobdell will always be one of my favorite writers. He’s definitely one of my favorite X-Men writers behind Claremont and Byrne in their primes. Needless to say I was looking forward to Lobdell’s run these next couple of months. The latest issue of Uncanny X-Men blew me away not because of the issue. No, it was because one of those characters I’ve been reading about since his bar room brawl with the Juggernaut had given up his life in order to save those from the fate of his sister. Sacrifice. That’s all it was and it was a sad thing to see and to read, but it made sense.

This follow-up issue to that let’s you know that Colossus won’t do one of those classic ‘from-the-dead’ returns in the grand old Marvel fashion. No. He died a true hero, and the folks at Marvel respect that decision by Lobdell.

We get to see Kitty page in the pages of X-Men finally. Its been a while since she disappeared in X-Men #100. Where’s she been? What’s happened in her life since then? Right now, we don’t know. But what we do know is she’s tired. Not just physically tired, but mentally and emotionally. The life of an X-Man isn’t an easy one and this X-Man has had her fill of it all. She returns in this issue not to make a grand X-Men return from the abyss, but to simply carry out one of her best friends last wish to be returned to his homeland.

Lobdell writes a very emotional history and final decision by Kitty and her future in the form of a letter to Xavier. I really don’t think the things that needed to be said her could have been done with any differently without losing the humanity and true emotion that needed to come from an situation like this. And let’s not forget what we ‘see’ from Leinil Yu.

Oh, no, you can’t turn a page without seeing Yu’s true quality returning to the pages of X-Men. Its good to see him finally making it back from the way we have been seeing his work this past year or so. Yu is definitely one of the high caliber artists in this industry, and one of the X-Men’s best when he’s at his best. I’m not sure what we’ll see from Yu once he leaves the X-Men, but his work was appreciate while he worked on Wolverine and the X-Men. Good luck, Yu, you are really appreciated by your fans.

Before I leave you with this review, I do want to take a look at the beginning of the next chapter of the X-Men’s lives. We’re not done with the Neo yet, and Magneto’s on the horizon. The epilogue of this issue shows that in some very.. um, effective panels. Magneto may have finally gotten to his breaking point as Xavier did when he wiped Magneto’s mind back during ‘Fatal Attractions’. Look for the heat to get higher and hotter with the upcoming ‘Eve of Destruction’ storyline.

The Verdict: As you close this issue you feel a chapter end a new one begin. If you’re a long time fan of either Kitty of Colossus, I recommend this issue highly to you.


REVIEW: X-Force #111

“Rage War” – Part 2 of 4

Words : Ian Edginton
Art :
Jorge Lucas
Colors :
Gina Going
Letters :
Chris Eliopoulos
Assitant Editor :
Frank Dunkerley
Editor :
Matt Hicks
Editor in Chief :
Joe Quesada

What Its About : The team arrives to rescue Valentina Irena but not before one of their own falls. Plus, the truth behind the Warborgs and how they came to be.

Thoughts :
OK, I’ll admit I was a bit harsh in my last review of X-Force. My biggest problem is how many times do you need to re-invent a title before it needs to be put to sleep? If the news of an entirly new team, direction and everything else doesn’t do it what will? Let’s hope we do’t find out.

This issue finds the team going up against two Warborgs and actually saving Valentina with not much effort. Only problem is that one of the team get’s a little too close and falls victim to some neurotoxins that only Pete Wisdom can save them from. Problem is, the team just buried Mr. W a few issues back. Uh-Oh!

There is so much potential for this series it sickens me. Edginton is a wonderful writer and comes so close so many times in these last ten issues to make this series so amazing, but falls just short so many times. The edge that Warren Ellis had in mind for this series when he devised his original plots was just where this series needed to go. Things had been gearing this team to go into a black ops, espionage-like series and Ellis and Edginton brought the series to that point, but things just haven’t gelled the way they needed to.

Alas, a new series will take over in May and the X-Force I’ve been reading for over a hundred issues will cease to exist. I’m hoping Edginton and Lucas take us out in a bang at the end of their run. Its been a bumpy ride, but its been fun.

the Verdict :
If you’re a long time read, hang in there and ride this one to the last issue. If you’re new and want to see what this series is all about, go buy the back issues, you’ll enjoy it more.