REVIEW: 21 Down #9

“Emotional Landscapes”, Roadside Attractions – Part Two

by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palimiotti (words), Jesus Saiz (art), Jimmy Palmiotti (inks), Peter Pantazis (colors), Richard & Jason & Comicraft (letters), Joe Jusko (cover art), Kristy Quinn (assitant editor), Bob Harras (editor). created by Jimmy Palimiotti and Justin Gray.

Wildstorm Comics, Price : $2.95
Thoughts : “Roadside Attractions” continues in this issue as Preston and Mickey look into a child kidnapping and discover the whereabouts of an American legend, Hank Champion, who has been in hinding for the last couple of decades. Preston’s powers have begun to expand somewhat and have allowed him to ‘see’ something within Champion that will lead them to the kidnapped child, but its what he finds is what may end of killing them all.

Palmiotti and Gray continue to use this series to do more expansion within the Wildstorm Universe. Hank Champion is basically Wildstorm’s unknown Captain America. Champion’s background makes him one of the government’s rogue experiments gone wrong. Once again the name of Neptune is brought up and everyone’s lives continue to become that much more mingled together. Palmiotti and Gray really are weaving an interesting history with Neptune and really reminds me of the whole Team 7 storylines of experimentations that gave soliders incredible psychic abilities. Neptune seems to have been working on all of this behind the scenes. Its good to see that there’s more to the history of Wildstorm. What will be interesting to see is how 21 DOWN fits into the seams of PLANETARY because the two titles seem to be working with the same background. Definitly some interesting things are brewing in this series.

I’ve talked about Jesus Saiz’s art in the past and it continues to be a great addition to this series. When Palmiotti and Gray brought Saiz on board this series, I’m not sure if its was a long shot for them, or they knew something the rest of us didn’t know. Saiz is a gem and the more people notice him, the more popular he is going to be in the near future.

the Verdict : This series, once again, is one of the best titles being published today and its sad to see the numbers on Diamond’s lists being so low. While every title has the potential to be something great, this series is already great, but it needs an audience. If there ever was a sleeper hit, this is a sure fire one.

Highly Recommended