REVIEW: 21 Down #11

“State of Emergency” – Roadside Attractions, Part Four

by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti (words), Jesus Saiz (art), Jimmy Palmiotti (inks), Peter Pantazis (colors), Richard Starkings & Comicraft (letters), Joe Jusko (cover art), Kristy Quinn (assitant editor), Bob Harras (editor). created by Jimmy Palimiotti and Justin Gray.

Wildstorm Comics, Price : $2.95

Thoughts : “Roadside Attractions” continues as Preston and Mickey turn up in Big Tuna, Texas looking for a young man named Jack Lahana that Mickey suspects is like Preston and given abilities by the mysterious Herod. While they are looking for another piece in the Herod puzzle, Mickey’s daughter comes face to face with one of Neptune’s enforcers. Both events in this issue continue the building toward issue twelve which will be the last issue prior to moving to Wildstorm’s Eye of the Storm imprint.

Palmiotti and Gray have crafted one of the best titles that has been released in the last year. It seems that as this series releases one issue after another the level of complexity and enjoyment builds for me, at least, as a reader. While the main story dealing with Preston and Mickey is what’s driving this issue, the back story of Alex has really been heating up and I think that as this series continues its going to be hard to see which plot line I really want to see more. I think Palmiotti and Gray have really developed this back story well and are really giving it the needed pages in this issue to get readers interested in what happens to Alex after this issue.

Jesus Saiz produces one more exceptional issue of art as I can’t believe Saiz hasn’t been approached by DC or even Marvel to come on board of their titles and get some serious recognition. Its my guess that Saiz would probably continue to hang around Palmiotti and Gray despite any increase in popularity because the feel for this series just wouldn’t be the same without his art. There’s little else that I can say that’s been different from any other review of this series when it comes to talking about Saiz. He’s one of those talents that it has been great seeing him develop.

the Verdict : 21 DOWN continues to be the series that no one seems to know about but continues to build acclaim. There’s nothing in this series that ‘settles’ in order to become something you’ve read before. Palmiotti, Gray, and Saiz are producing a series that isn’t looking to be status quo, but create a new status quo. If you’re not reading this series now, believe me, you better get on board.

Highly Recommended