REVIEW: Green Lantern #14

“Wanted: Hal Jordan” – Part 1

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Ivan Reis
Inker: Oclair Albert
Colorist: Moose Baumann
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Associate Editor: Michael Siglain
Editor: Peter Tomasi
Publisher: DC Comics

There’s been talk in this series about Hal Jordan and two of his flying buddies that were captured and tortured but we haven’t seen any real details about what happened. We know that Hal went on a mission without his Green Lantern ring and because of that they were held for at least two months if not more. They were all interrogated and tortured and Hal without his ring had to wait and bide his time before he could free them all. He obviously got them freed, but what happened back then and how is it effecting those three pilots is still now being revealed.

One of the great things Geoff Johns is doing in this series is that he has made Hal’s private and Green Lantern lives separate. While I think its a good writing tool to be using because it shows the kind of character Hal is feeling that he needs two separate lives there are consequences and regrets. Hal and his fellow pilots were held captive because Hal refused to wear his ring while he flies. His reasons may be justified, but at the end of the day he is a Green Lantern 24-7 and there is no separation for him. Johns’ usage of this lesson in Hal’s life will come back over and over and Hal will change as a character because of it.

This issue begins to give some explanation as to who and why Hal Jordan is a hunted man throughout the universe. No spoilers in this review – sorry, folks. Those secrets will remain within this issue or maybe in some other reviews. What I will say is that its an interesting explanation. I’m not going to say I like it or not quiet yet because its way too early to make that judgment call. I think Johns is the kind of writer that likes to let thing build and develop.

The art in this issue is just great. If there’s something that DC has done is put some great artists on so many of their titles. Ivan Reis is so good on this book. Reis has been such a rising star while he has been working with DC. There are those iconic characters that artists always want to draw. So far he’s been able to draw Superman and now Green Lantern. While I wouldn’t want him to leave this series any time soon, I would love to see him tackle either Green Arrow or Wonder Woman for a solid run of issues. Reis is just a solid artist and people should be paying a lot of attention to him because 2007 is going to be huge for him.

Green Lantern continues to gain momentum since the “One Year Later” jump start. This series as well as Green Lantern Corps are some of the best books being written and drawn at DC and if you’re not reading either you need to jump on board and try them out. Once you try it you can’t stop!