REVIEW: Escape from Wonderland #5

Story: Raven Gregory, Joe Brusha, and Ralph Tadesco
Writer: Raven Gregory
Pencils: Anthony Spay
Colors: Neil Ruffino
Letters: Crank!
Production: David Seidman
Editor: Ralph Tedesco
Published by Zenescope Entertainment

It’s hard to believe that in just one more issue and the Wonderland Trilogy will be over.  While I’ll have to admit I had a tough time really getting in to the first couple of issues of Return to Wonderland, once I got in I was finding me having a good time with this amazing world that Raven Gregory, Joe Brusha, and Ralph Tadesco had created.  And now, here we are, closing in on the conclusion of it all.

If you have not been reading this series up to this point, I’m sorry, but this is not a jumping on point for you. This issue is as much a final climb to the conclusion of all of the characters’ stories as you can get and to come on now would be painfully hard to grasp.  Now, keep in mind, this issue is a good issue, but I think so much of its relativity would be lost on new readers.  While that’s true, Gregory really knows how to build up some crazy tension in a situation that was already engulfed with tension.

I cannot say there are a lot of surprises in this issue having read the entire story, but it’s the execution of the story that makes me really enjoy what’s happening.  Again, Gregory can tell a solid story in the confines of a 22-page comic.  The one thing I can say I didn’t see coming was how the Jabberwocky was handled as the issue came closer to the end. It’s one of those moments that make sense in hindsight, but I didn’t put the pieces together until it actually happens.

Now, if there’s a disappointment in this issue it’s the lack of Daniel Leister’s artwork.  I think Anthony Spay did a good job, and it’s similar to Leister’s style in some ways, but at the end of the day it’s not Leister.  I don’t know why Leister was unable to do this issue because I know he does the art chores on the last issue of the series.

In the end, I think this issue is a good build up to the series, and the overall story’s, conclusion.  The art really is what hurt it for me, and I hate saying that because it’s not bad artwork.  I’m looking forward to seeing how all of this wraps up in the final issue.