REVIEW: The Waking #1

Writer: Raven Gregory
Penciler: Vic Drujiniu
Colorist: Mark Roberts
Letterer: Crank!
Producer: David Seidman
Published by Zenescope Entertainment

The David Finch cover to this first issue really sets up a tone for the reader prior to even looking inside. You know things are going to be creepy and disturbing, and as you open up to the first couple of pages you continue down that road.  What you don’t expect is what you find as you continue to go through the book.  There’s drama, suspense, violence, but there’s also a good bit of humor. I think there’s a solid combination that makes this book one to check out.

The writing by Raven Gregory is really good.  I’ve read some of Gregory’s previous work with The Gift and the Wonderland Trilogy so I felt I had an idea of what to expect from his writing with this book, and I got that in this first issue.  Gregory is a solid writer and “gets” what’s necessary to put together a good horror story, but he does a bit more than that and offers readers a very balanced first issue.  I say “balanced” because this is not a straight up horror story right off the bat. There’s a mixture of a cop drama, a sitcom, and then straight up horror and I think that’s such a great combination.  Gregory manages to put all of that together in one issue and make it to where the reader is not overwhelmed.

The art in this issue provided by Vic Drujiniu is really good.  Drujiniu does some really good page layouts and some of his panel structuring really packs a lot into a page.  I feel the storytelling in the art is just as strong as the storytelling in the writing at times.  Zenescope sometimes goes for more of the cheese cake factory, even in the more suspenseful stories and I feared there may be a lot of that going on in this book, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Drujiniu does get to have some fun with narrator’s wife, but that can be expected.  Overall I’m really impressed with Drujiniu’s work and cannot wait to see how it progresses as this book moves forward.

I think The Waking is that book Raven Gregory has been waiting to tell and now he has his moment.  From cover to cover this issue kept me going and wanting to see where things would go next, and I’m really looking forward to reading the next issue.  If you’ve not had a chance to pick up this issue or if you’re avoiding it because of some preconceived idea of all Zenescope books then you need to get over yourself and pick up The Waking.