REVIEW: Scourge #0

Writer: Scott Lobdell | Illustrator: Eric Battle | Colorist: Jorge Fares | Letterer: Josh Reed | Editors: Vince Hernandez and Frank Mastromauro | Publisher: Aspen and Valhalla

The Scourge created by Gale Anne Hurd

What Is It About?

The skies of New York City are no longer safe. In mere hours, the greatest metropolis on the planet is turned into an island of horrors, as a virus rapidly advances throughout the city transforming its citizens into savage, bloodthirsty gargoyles!!


This zero issue really is just a tease/preview of what’s to come from this miniseries.  I love the fact we’re dropped right in the middle of things and (unless you’ve read the solicitations) you have no idea what’s happening.  I enjoy books that set things up so you’re not lost, but every now and then I like being completely clueless and actually have to work things out.

Scott Lobdell does a pretty good job with just 12 pages to give the reader a feel for what the tone and the situation is in this series.  Things are out of control, and we’ve got a lone hero who’s just trying to survive.  True, it’s nothing new – but Lobdell does a really good job and makes Griffen, our hero, entertaining to watch.

Eric Battle’s style is very kinetic most of the time in this issue.  There are a couple of panels that look a little out of sorts, but it doesn’t hinder the enjoyment of the action sequences that Battle just pours out on to these pages.

The Verdict?

There’s no doubt that this is a story that’s going to hit all of the beats of a summer blockbuster movie, and that’s just fine with me.  I like all out action and insanity in my comics, and Lobdell and Battle bring it on with this preview issue!


REVIEW: Artifacts #1

Writer: Ron Marz | Penciler: Michael Brossard | Inker: Rick Basaldua & Sal Regla | Colorist: Sunny Gho of IFS | Letterer: Troy Peteri | Publisher: Image Comics/Top Cow

What Is It About?

Over five years in the making – Top Cow’s “Artifacts” is here! The players slowly begin to move in to place while one in particular makes a bold move taking one character out of play before the event really even gets started.


To say I didn’t like this issue would really be a lie.  It’s hard for me, as a long time Top Cow fan, to not be excited about this new series.  Everything Ron Marz has been writing about in the pages of Witchblade has come together in this storyline and I’m excited to see it all happen in front of me.

The issue is a strong starter to what looks to be a no-holds barred story if the death we get in this issue tells us anything.  You won’t get any spoilers out of me in regards to who dies, but I can easily say I was stunned and really intrigued at the possibly ramifications this will have not only on this event, but certain characters down the road.

The art in this issue is amazing! Everyone is talking about Michael Brossard’s art and they’re all right! Brossard’s art is amazing, and then you add in Rick Basaldua and Sal Regla on inks and Sunny Gho on colors – it’s just something to behold. Despite what you may think about a “Top Cow” house art style, Brossard is making this book his own.  We’re only going to get Brossard for four issues in this series, so if you’re a fan – come and check it out!

The Verdict?

Again, it’s hard for me to be objective when it comes to this book.  Despite my own internal hype about this book, I was not disappointed. There’s a long way to go to see how everything plays out, but I think this first issue is a must read for everyone – Top Cow fans and non-fans alike.