REVIEW: Fathom Vol.4 #0

Story: Scott Lobdell | Pencils: Alex Konat | Colors: Beth Sotelo | Letters: Josh Reed | Editor: Vince Hernandez | Cover Artists: Alex Konat & Peter Steigerwald (Cover A & B), Alex Konat (Retailer Incentive), Michael Turner & Nathan Cabrera (Long Beach Comic Con Exclusive) | Publisher: Aspen MLT | Fathom created by Michael Turner | The Black C-Created by Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald

I find it hard to believe some times that I have been reading about Aspen Matthews for the last thirteen years or so.  I remember seeing the Preview issues back in the Spring of 1998 and really getting excited by what I saw Michael Turner was creating.  The picking up the issue of Wizard with the Zero issue in it just a month or two later.  Then finally, in the Summer of 1998, reading the three different first issues of FATHOM.  I remember meeting and chatting with Michael Turner briefly at Heroes Con in 2000 while he was promoting the guest appearances of Witchblade and Tomb Raider in the pages of FATHOM.

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REVIEW: Last Mortal #1

Writers: John Mahoney & Filip Sablik | Art: Thomas Nachilk | Letters: Troy Peteri | Logo Design: Phil Smith | Edited: Rob Levin & Phil Smith | Cover Art: Thomas Nachlik & Dave McCaig | Created by John Mahoney, Filip Sablik, and Thomas Nachlik

What is It About?
Alec King’s life has never amounted to anything, but one pull of the trigger and his life takes a very unexpected turn.

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