REVIEW: Artifacts #8

Writer: Ron Marz | Penciler: Whilce Portacio | Inkers: Joe Weems | Ink Assists: Marco Galli and Mike Odle | Colorist: Sunny Gho of IFS | Letterer: Troy Peteri | Publisher: Image Comics / Top Cow

What Is It About?

The army of Aphrodite IVs, led by Glorianna, converges on the Hunter-Killer base where Sara’s forces have been gathering and preparing their next move. During the attack Sara and Jackie leave in search of Hope.

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REVIEW: Shinku #1

“Throne of Blood” – Part 1

Story: Ron Marz | Art: Lee Moder | Digital Inks: Matthew Waite | Colors: Michael Attiyeh | Letters: Troy Peteri | Logo Design and Editor: Phil Smith | Production: Jonathan Chan | Publisher: Image Comics | Cover Price: $2.99

This book is for Mature Audience.

I am a big fan of new projects.  If there’s a new comic coming out and I can get my hands on the first issue then that just makes me all that more excited about reading the comic book.  Yes, I’m wired a little strangely, but I’m sure it’s for good reason.  New comic book series make me excited because that means we’re not out of ideas and people love the idea of getting their stories out there for the comic audience to enjoy.  When the work on these new comics are from comic book creators that I enjoy work from that just makes the experience all that much better – even if that’s possible.

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