REVIEW: Mindfield #6

“Game Changer”

Story & Creator: J.T. Krul
Illustrations: Alex Konat
Inks: Jon Bolerjack
Colors: John Starr
Letters: Josh Reed
Editors: Vince Hernandez and Frank Mastromauro
Design & Production: Mark Roslan and Peter Steigerwald
Publisher: Aspen MLT

The conclusion of this series wraps up a lot of things that have happened within this series, but leaves the door wide open to more tales of Connor and the CIA telepathic operatives, as well as a hint of the origins of how all of this came to be.

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What Looks Good to Me – August 31, 2011

Hey there! Welcome to “What Looks Good to Me.” Each week I take a look at the Diamond shipping list and slap together a list of the ten things I’m looking forward to the most that week. There’s no real rhyme or reason to the list’s ranking other than the #1 spot which will obviously be the one book that looks good to me that week. Well, enough of this – let’s get moving!

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REVIEW: Soulfire, Vol.3 #3

“Darkness Falls”

Plots: J.T. Krul and Frank Mastromauro
Writer: J.T. Krul
Pencils: Jason Fabok
Colors: John Starr
Lettering: Josh Reed
Publisher: Aspen MLT

We enter in to this third issue of the third volume of Soulfire and where you could understand things possibly getting a little slow or possibly a bit stale, the Soulfire creative team bears down and puts out another solid issue of this ever growing series and lays the groundwork for a much longer story as two races who have been living together are now at odds as their unified leader is slain.

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REVIEW: Fathom: Blue Decent #3

“Gods and Monsters”

Story: David Schwartz
Pencils: Alex Sanchez
Colors: Peter Steigerwald
Lettering: Josh Reed
Editors: Vince Hernandez and Frank Mastromauro
Publisher: Aspen MLT

Last issue Aspen’s mother and father learned a very difficult truth about Aspen’s lineage, and this issue both must make difficult decisions of their own based off of this revelation.  Will it bring them closer together or drive them further apart?

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REVIEW: Artifacts #9

Ron Marz | Art: Jeremy Haun | Colorist: Sunny Gho of IFS | Letterer: Troy Peteri | Publisher: Image Comics / Top Cow

Have you been reading this series and wondered “where did the artifacts come from?” or “what was the Survivor like before he ‘survived’ the end of his universe?”  Well, this issue answers those questions in part and even gives you a little more.  The review you are about to read has been tossed about in my head for a few days now and I know I’m going to take some grief for it, but I can only tell you what I think of it all.

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REVIEW: Haunted City #0

Writers: Chap Taylor & Peter Johnson
Illustrator: Michael Ryan
Colorist: Peter Steigewald
Editors: Frank Mastromauro & Vince Hernandez
Haunted City created by Chap Taylor

Haunted City takes the concept that New York City is the most haunted city in the world.  If you ended it right there, I would be good.  I think taking a city like New York and turning it on it’s ear just a little and providing a large supernatural spin on it can provide an enormous well of possible stories to tell and I’m on board for that.

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REVIEW: Broken Pieces #0

Creator & Writer: Mark Roslan
Illustrator: Micah Kaneschiro
Letterer: Josh Reed
Editors: Vince Hernandez & Frank Mastromauro

Mark Roslan and Micah Kaneschiro bring readers in to the not too distant future where the world has been devastated by a biological bomb that detonated in the Gulf of Mexico two years ago.  The fallout and effects of the bomb have changed the world.  The world wants answers and help to move forward and there may be those who are able to provide those answers and that help, but we’ll have to continue reading the series to see how it all plays out.

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