PODCAST: DC Wormhole Episode 6

If you’ve never checked out the other podcast I do, DC Wormhole, I highly recommend it. My old buddy Paul Steven Brown and I talk about the New 52 from DC Comics, mainly focusing on what we consider the core titles: Justice League, Action Comics, Superman, Detective Comics, Batman, Teen Titans, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash.

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PODCAST: Image Addiction 64 – Favorites of 2011

Earlier this week Image Addiction posted the latest episode where Mike, DeWayne, and I looked back on Image Comics in 2011 and picked our favorite writers, artists, new series, ongoing series, miniseries, etc. We had a great time talking comics and looking back. Our picks were a mixture of what you’d expect if you’ve listened to the show and some real shockers – at least from my point of view.

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