REVIEW: Scam #1

“Fool Me Once”

Story: Joe Mulvey
Art: Joe Mulvey
Publisher: Comix Tribe

“It’s better to die a conman than live like a mark.”

What happens when a master con artist out cons the people he’s working with? You get a typical con goes after con for revenge story. Yes. But what happens when you throw in a twist that I didn’t see coming until it happened? You have to read this first issue of this new series from writer/artist Joe Mulvey to find out – I’m not going to spoil it for you.

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REVIEW: Voltron #2

The Sixth Pilot – 2: Come in Peace

Writer: Brandon Thomas
Illustrator: Ariel Padilla
Colorist: Marcelo Pinto
Letterer: Marshall Dillon
Cover Artists: Alex Ross and Sean Chen
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

“We’re not safe, Zach. Since the moment I agreed to this, none of us has been safe.”

Last issue readers were introduced to Doctor Zarkon of the year 2014 and the Voltron Force of 2124. As a fan of the characters and the source material for this new series, I thought last issue really kicked things off right.  This second issue I enjoyed the expanding story of Doctor Zarkon and his family and what he is going through to do what he can to protect the Earth from an alien invasion. What I couldn’t really get in to what was going on with the Voltron Force in 2124 and I found that disappointing.

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REVIEW: Batman #5

“Face the Court”

Writer: Scott Snyder
Pencils: Greg Capullo
Inks: Jonathan Glapion
Colors: FCO
Lettering: Richard Starkings
Assistant Editor: Katie Kubert
Associate Editor: Harvey Richards
Editor: Mike Marts
Publisher: DC Comics
Batman created by Bob Kane

“Keep you head straight, Bruce. Focus.”

If you have listened to the DC Wormhole podcast that I’m on you know that this series has been something of a mystery to me. Batman is by far my favorite character. Scott Snyder is one of those writers that I know I like and I know is an extremely talented writer. His work on American Vampire and Detective Comics has proven that to me, but there’s something about his work on Batman that hasn’t clicked with me – until this issue.

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REVIEW: Lord of the Jungle #1

“The Savage Home”

Writer: Arvid Nelson
Illustrator: Roberto Castro
Letterer: Simon Bowland
Colorist: Alex Guimaraes
Cover Artists: Alex Ross, Ryan Sook, Paul Renaud, and Lucio Parrillo
Based on the stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

“Oh, John, what do we do now? We work, Alice. We work.”

Growing up I read a lot of books thanks to my grandparents. Any time we went to the mall we would go in to the books store and they would by me a book or two. I would pick up books about all sorts of adventures and Edgar Rice Burroughs was one of my favorite writers even if I didn’t know it back then. I remember reading tales of Tarzan and it just fascinated me that a man could be raised by apes and survive. I would watch the syndicated black and white movies and television shows and when I saw the movie Greystoke – I was mesmerized. But that was a long time ago, and getting word that Dynamite had plans on putting together a series about Tarzan, I was very excited to see what they would do. So, when I got a hold of this first issue I tore in to it immediately.

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PULL LIST: It Has Begun!

FINALLY! Here is the start (yes I said “start”) of my pull list. Every week I will be looking at Diamond’s shipping lists and putting together this master list of books that are on my pull list, which are part of the 3-Issue Challenge, and which ones are on the radar.  Each of these lists are broken down in to ongoing series and miniseries just because I like breaking them out that way. This helps me keep up with the miniseries mostly.

I have started from scratch this year and start with the new release list for January 4, 2012. I should probably have a more accurate list compiled by the middle of February.

If you’re interested in seeing what the list looks like based off this first week of January head over to the PULL LIST page and enjoy!

As always, you can post your comments below!

REVIEW: Green Hornet #20

Script: Ande Parks
Pencils: Igor Vitorino
Colors: Ivan Nunes
Letters: Marshall Dillon
Cover Artists: Phil Hester, Jonathan Lau, and Brian Denham
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

“I asked for a distraction… not a FIREBALL!”

If you are looking for a great jumping on point as a new reader, Green Hornet #20 is perfect for you. I have been wanting a place within this series that I could point people to and say, “here’s where you should begin” because even in today’s opportunities to get back issues fairly easily from local comic shops and digital retailers, a lot of readers want a clean jumping on point. This issue is a stand alone story that onnects both the previous Green Hornet and Kato with their predecessors by fighting the same criminal, but find their own unique ways to defeat him.
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REVIEW: Lady Mechanika #3

The Mystery of the Mechanical Corpse – Chapter Three

Created, Written, and Drawn by Joe Benitez
Colors by Peter Steigerwald
Letters by Josh Reed
Published by Aspen MLT

“Aw, bollocks!! Tha’s a bloody panther!”

Lady Mechanika continues to be one of my favorite series in 2011 for a number of reasons, one of those reasons being the amazing sense of fun and entertainment I get out of every issue. Another reason is the gorgeous artwork from Joe Benitez, Peter Steigerwald, and Josh Reed.  Support all of that with an intriguing story with solid characters and dialogue and you get a great book from cover to cover.

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REVIEW: Voltron #1

This review was originally posted at Guerrilla Geek.

The Sixth Pilot – 1: First Contact

Writer: Brandon Thomas
Illustrations: Ariel Padilla
Colors: Marcelo Pinto
Letters: Marshall Dillon
Covers: Alex Ross, Sean Chen, Wagner Reis
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

“Voltron told me everything. Now let’s go get him back and save the world.”

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