Pull List

**UPDATED: Jan 24, 2012**

Before we get to the list, let me break down what I mean by these three lists:

PULL LIST – This list is just that, what books are on my pull list that I read every time an issue comes out. Simple, right?

3-ISSUE CHALLENGE – This list is for those books I will be trying out for 3-issues and reporting on how I’m enjoying the books and if I’ll be continuing past the third issue I pick up or not.  This list will be rather short to start out because I don’t want to get over my head with “unproven” books for me until I’ve got my master pull list decided.

ON THE RADAR – This list will probably be the longest list because there are always books I want to try out, and hopefully will eventually.  These books I’m usually looking for a slow week or smaller list of books on my pull list that allow me to pick up a random new issue of that particular week. Some of the books listed are books I’m just trying out for the sake of trying them out and I’ve got no clue how many issues I’ll be reading. I’ll be sure to note when I pick up one of these books and report on what I thought of it and if I’ll be moving it to the 3-Issue Challenge list or just keeping it on the radar.


            ONGOING SERIES

    • Action Comics (DC Comics)
    • Activity (Image Comics) 
    • Amazing Spider-Man (Marvel Comics)
    • Animal Man (DC Comics)
    • Artifacts (Top Cow/Image Comics)
    • Avengelyne (Image Comics)
    • Batman (DC Comics) – added 1/24/12
    • Batwoman (DC Comics) 
    • Buffy: The Vampire Slayer – Season 9 (Dark Horse) 
    • Charismagic (Aspen MLT) – added 1/24/12
    • Chew (Image Comics) – added 1/24/12
    • Darkness (Top Cow/Image Comics)
    • Dead Man’s Run (Aspen MLT) – added 1/24/12
    • Detective Comics (DC Comics)
    • Green Hornet (Dynamite Entertainment) – added 1/24/12
    • Green Lantern (DC Comics)
    • Hack/Slash (Image Comics) – added 1/24/12
    • Hawk and Dove (DC Comics)
    • Invincible (Image Comics) 
    • Justice League International (DC Comics)
    • Last of the Greats (Image Comics) 
    • Lone Ranger, the (Dynamite Entertainment)
    • Lord of the Jungle (Dynamite Entertainment) – added 1/24/12
    • Moriarty (Image Comics) 
    • Morning Glories (Image Comics) – added 1/24/12
    • Near Death (Image Comics) – added 1/24/12
    • Nightwing (DC Comics) – added 1/24/12
    • Rachel Rising (Abstract Studios)
    • Red Hood and the Outlaws (DC Comics) – added 1/24/12
    • Red Sonja (Dynamite Entertainment) – added 1/24/12
    • Secret Avengers (Marvel Comics) 
    • Shinku (Image Comics)
    • Soulfire (Aspen MLT)
    • Swamp Thing (DC Comics)
    • Uncanny X-Force (Marvel Comics)
    • Voltron (Dynamite Entertainment) – added 1/24/12
    • Witchblade (Top Cow/Image Comics)
    • Wonder Woman (DC Comics) – added 1/24/12
    • Young Justice (DC Comics) – added 1/24/12


    • Betrayal on the Planet of the Apes (Boom! Studios)
    • Danger Girl: Revolver (IDW) – added 1/24/12
    • Heart (Image Comics) 
    • Star Wars Agent of the Empire: Iron Eclispe (Dark Horse)
    • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: War (Dark Horse)
    • Strange Talent of Luther Strode (Image Comics) 
    • Wolverine and X-Men: Alpha and Omega (Marvel Comics)
    • Zorro Rides Again (Dynamite Entertainment)



    • Daredevil (Marvel Comics) – added 1/24/12
    • Scarlet Spider (Marvel Comics)



    • Avengers Academy (Marvel Comics) 
    • Catwoman (DC Comics) – added 1/24/12
    • Fables (Vertigo/DC Comics) – added 1/24/12
    • Fatale (Image Comics) – starting with #1
    • Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist (Dynamite Entertainment) – starting with #1
    • Grifter (DC Comics) 
    • Grimm Fairy Tales: Myths & Legends (Zenescope)
    • Irredeemable (Boom! Studios)
    • Reed Gunther (Image Comics) 
    • Spawn (Image Comics) 
    • Theater (Zenescope)
    • Uncanny X-Men (Marvel Comics)
    • Whispers (Image Comics) 
    • Wolverine and the X-Men (Marvel Comics) 
    • X-Factor (Marvel Comics) 
    • X-Men (Marvel Comics)
    • X-Men Legacy (Marvel Comics)


    • Elric: The Balance Lost (Boom! Studios)
    • Nowhere Man (Dynamite Entertainment) – starting with #1

3 comments on “Pull List

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  2. You’ve got a cool idea here. I’ll definitely be coming back to check it out week to week. It looks like Artifacts (Top Cow/Image Comics) is missing from this weeks list though.

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