ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN – The Best New Character of 2011!

Its official, everyone can’t stop talking about Miles Morales – the all-new Ultimate Comics Spider-Man AND USA Today’s best new character of 2011! From the history making creative team of Brian Michael Bendis, Sara Pichelli & Justin Ponsor, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man was met with overwhelming critical acclaim and this February – you can experience Miles Morales’ break-out story in the Ultimate Comics Spider-Man By Brian Michael Bendis Vol. 1 Premiere Hardcover!

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REVIEW: Ultimatum: Spider-Man Requiem #1

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Pencilers: Mark Bagley and Stuart Immonen
Inkers: Scott Hanna and Wade von Grawbadger
Colorists: Pete Pantazis, Justine Ponsor, and Edgar Delgado
Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit
Cover Art: Stuart Immonen
Production: Paul Acerios
Editor: Lauren Sankovitch
Senior Editor: Mark Paniccia
Publisher: Marvel Comics

** Possible Spoilers Ahead **

The Ultimatum event is now over and what is left of the Ultimate Universe wraps up in a series of Requiem one-shots. At the end of Ultimate Spider-Man readers are left to believe that Spider-Man has died after fighting the Incredible Hulk. While we won’t know if ‘dead is dead’ in the Ultimate Universe for Spider-Man until later in the summer, we are left with this one last story about Spider-Man’s heroism and how Spidey’s action have changed J. Jonah Jameson’s life.

Before I go into this review I did want to say I have yet to read the Ultimatum miniseries. I have it set aside to read because I wanted to read it all at one time. I just have not had the chance to read it. I do keep up with the other Ultimate titles so I know what happened in the miniseries by reading those titles. I know Peter Parker has apparently died while battling the Incredible Hulk. My personal feelings aside, this changes everything.

Brian Michael Bendis continues to provide one of the longest running stories in comics. In this run there has been little stagnate storytelling. From the word ‘go’ this series has been pushing forward with a lot of energy and entertainment. Sure, this series has not been for everyone for whatever their reasons are, but for me – I’ve enjoyed it immensely.

This two-part miniseries seems to be a good ending to a series many readers have enjoyed over the years. Bendis continues, even in these last moments, to provide strong storytelling and adds just that little push to these characters that develops them just a little more in their own ways. The final page of this issue really is one of the more powerful pages we’ve seen in a while and it really leaves the next issue with so many possible directions. This version of J. Jonah Jameson has always been a more sober depiction of the character and I’ve enjoyed reading him. I find that in the end, Jameson is the one that has the last word on Spider-Man.

Ultimatum: Spider-Man Requiem #1 is a fitting end to this series. I hate seeing titles end only to be relaunched months later, but I think Bendis has said all he can say with this series. I’m curious to see what’s to come once Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man is launched. I’m looking forward to it.