REVIEW: Magdalena #3

Writer: Ron Marz | Penciler: Nelson Blake II | Inker: Sal Regla | Colorist: Dave McCaig | Letterer: Troy Peteri | Cover Arti: Ryan Sook | Editors: Filip Sablik & Phil Smith |Publisher: Top Cow

What Is It About?
The Church has discovered that a cult calling itself “Lucifer’s Children” may be preparing a child to bring forth Biblical Armageddon because they think he is the son of Satan. The current Magdalena, Patience, has returned to the Church in order to deal with this situation.

Patience and Kristoff begin their journey to find the rumored son of Satan and the cult calling itself “Lucifer’s Children” at a safe house used by the cult in the Ukraine. When they arrive they realize that the child has been moved and that they’ve been set up. What I find interesting as far as a character point in this issue is not the fighting, or even the discussion between Patience and Kristoff at the beginning of this issue – it’s the admittance from Patience that she’s not sure if she will actually kill the child until she’s face to face with him. I’m curious if this is hesitation because he is a child, or that she’s concerned this is something the Church is setting her up to do.

There are always those books that you read and you know you’re going to enjoy it because of the people involved and the characters being used.  The creative team behind Magdalena is one of those creative groups of people that just know how to put together a book in every way possible. Now, I’ll admit this series may not be for everyone, but when you look at the craft of putting an issue together from the writing to the pencils to the inks, colors, and lettering there’s little that you can find wrong.  I think that’s a testament to what this team can do each and every month, and I feel this series has done that so far.

Looking at the story, the pacing in this series so far has been great. Ron Marz has a story he wants to tell and there’s a pace in which he wants to get to its conclusion and I don’t feel that readers are being pulled along to get there.  I think we’re getting a packed issue each time and when closing up the issue we’re left entertained from what the story gave us and wondering what’s going to happen next. I sure felt that as I finished up this issue.

The art in this book continues to be impressive from cover to cover.  Blake, Regla, McCaig, and Peteri have easily pulled together as a cohesive art team as if they’ve been working on this series together for years, and knowing these guys are only going to get better with each issue just brings a lot of excitement for me as a reader and fan.

The Verdict?
This series continues to be one I’m always excited to read then it comes out. I fear to say this series if perfect, but if it’s not – it’s extremely close!